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Hallo, ich bin Christian


Über mich

Hello! I'm Christian Kilb, I'm 25 years old. I am Mexican / German. I have come to Germany to get more challenges, I currently live with my fiance and I work as a Freelancer with two Mexican companies. In addition to the above, I am offering my services on this page to have the opportunity to meet people and expand my activities day by day. Have an excellent day


Spanish Classes


Spanish classes. Initiation with Spanish language, Latin culture, English-Spanish translations. understand the Hispanic culture in Latin America, etc. What includes? -Spanish classes -Printed...Mehr...

20 € / Stunde

Mexican Cooking Classes


Are you interested in learning to cook Mexican dishes? I promise to teach you how to prepare incredible dishes to surprise your family / friends with new flavors that I am sure you will...Mehr...

18 € / Stunde

Exportation Process Germany-Mexico


Are you interested in doing business with Mexico? Let me help you with that idea you have in mind. My name is Christian Kilb and I am Mexican / German. Study the International Commerce career in...Mehr...

50 € / Stunde